A Digital Transformation Company


ProSynergistics is a global provider of fully integrated offerings to support digital transformation of organizations through Smart Processes, Smart Systems, Smart Development and Smart Data. These services offer improved business efficiency in the interconnected world. The core operation of ProSynergistics is built around “Performance Driven Decision Making” wherein ProSynergistics leverages data to extract intelligence and patterns thereby facilitating smarter and quicker decision making. This includes the Cloud, Big Data, Advanced Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and Mobile utilizing Lean Digital processes and Agile Lean Principles with Human Centered Designs.  We do this all along the value chain to digitize the enterprise.  While helping organizations to embrace disruptive technologies and obtain not just the “best in class” but the best possible outcome.  By focusing not just on digital technology on the front end, but also the processes that drive the data and advanced analytics, we’ve helped many Global Business Services (GBS) organizations and proliferated strategic enablers of business performance.  We’ve led the delivery of cost-effective and flexible service and operational excellence across finance and accounting, information technology (IT), strategic sourcing and procurement, human resources and other functions across the value chain in order to digitize the enterprise and realize multiple based process performance improvements. 

ProSynergistics has adopted the highest standards of service quality and operational excellence, enabling its clients across a wide range of industries to transform into a truly digital, data driven enterprise. Its customized solutions help enterprises maximize productivity, improve speed and accuracy. Headquartered in the U.S.A., the company has a presence across Europe and Asia.